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At Flutes, we produce corrugated sheets for the packaging industry. Founded in 1998 with a commitment to quality and innovation, our company has grown into an industry leader, offering more flute profiles than anyone else.

Located in Indianapolis, our company operates two plants with high energy and hard working employees. As a Schwarz Partners company, Flutes is also part of the Corrugated Partners Group—a collaborative network of sheet feeders, producing more than 20% of the country’s corrugated sheet requirements.

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We are breaking records!

Not only is Flutes Corrugated a leader in a manufacturing a wide variety of ultra high quality corrugated sheets for the packaging industry, we are doing it faster than we ever have before! With advanced technologies, highly skilled people, and streamlined processes, we are able to deliver quality sheets to our customers in speeds that can't be beat.

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Lineal feet of corrugated sheets produced per 8 hour shift. We have been able to leverage the speed and efficiency of our machines working together as a team to Safely Produce Quality Sheets Fast!

A legacy of innovation, from past to present.

When Jack Schwarz founded Flutes in 1998, he saw an opportunity to change the corrugated industry. For nearly 25 years we’ve been pushing the field forward while staying rooted in serving our clients’ needs. But we’re still hungry to make things better. Why? Because we know that if we succeed, our customers will as well. Innovation isn’t how we set ourselves apart, it’s how we set our customers apart–by delivering higher quality products, faster.

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We are able to create unique and tailored corrugated sheets thanks to our exceptional capabilities. As a result, we have successfully produced and delivered our products to customers located in four different countries and territories: the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

High quality and speed, low energy and waste.

With our brand new BHS, we have not only the fastest corrugator in the market, but also the most efficient. We care about our environment and the city in which we operate, therefore we strive everyday to produce the best quality recyclable corrugated sheets. The BHS corrugator we operate produces the least amount of scrap in the industry while using less energy per lineal foot than our competitors. And the little scrap it does produce? We recycle it.

Our Services
  • Highly efficient machines
  • Speeds with minimal waste
  • All paper is recycled
  • All corrugated sheets are recyclable
  • Routine maintenence to ensure high efficiency into the future

Our team of professionals are dedicated quality products and world class customer service.

Having the best machines and tools in the industry means nothing without a team of outstanding people to match. At Flutes, regardless of the role, we provide continuous training and team support ensuring we are always able to leverage the best technology, processes, and tools available. Top tier teams create top tier products!

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  • A rewarding environment
  • Competitive atmosphere
  • Industry leading training
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • World class machines
  • Family rooted culture